Ejnana.com enters its 12th Year

Ejnana.com, a Sci-Tech website managed by Ejnana Trust completes 11 years of existence and enters its 12th year today.

www.ejnana.com is a leading website that publishes content related to Science and Technology in Kannada language. All this content is provided free of cost to readers across the world.

A variety of content such as articles, reviews, news and special features are regularly published on this website, which was started by the trust’s secretary Sri T G Srinidhi as a personal project way back in 2007.

Content from this website is also made available through 'DailyHunt' mobile app, under agreement with Eterno Infotech Private Limited.

There were more than 3,00,000 pageviews recorded on our website for the period April 2016 - March 2017, whereas the pageviews through DailyHunt app were over 11,00,000 for the same period.

We stay in constant touch with our readers on social media, through applications such as facebook and twitter. Over 2000 people like and follow us on facebook. We also started a broadcast group on WhatsApp during 2016-17 and that has more than 600 members now.